Kali NetHunter Overlay [potter]

This requires Lineage OS 14.1 kernel. So only android version 7.x (stock/custom) is supported.

Package Details



1. Make sure you are running the latest available Nougat build of any lineage OS based ROM (Lineage OS, AEX, AICP, AOKP, DU) you have installed or stock nougat.
2. Reboot to TWRP.
3. Make sure you backup Boot, System and Data partitions, just incase you want to remove Kali, you can restore it.
3. Wipe Cache and ART Cache (Dalvik Cache). Do NOT wipe your data partition.
4. Install the zip file.
5. Reboot to System.


1. Open the NetHunter App and start the Kali Chroot Manager.
2. You can download the original chroot packages manually or from the app.

  • If you download manually the select USE SDCARD and navigate to the downloaded folder and select the package. I recommend manually doing this cause in case if failed you can use the same package again without downloading it again.


  • If you want to do it automatically for you you can choose DOWNLOAD LATEST option.

4. Configure Kali Services, and start SSH otherwise kali terminal will not work.

These were the basic setup but you can do a lot more.


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