Download Sanhok Map And Core Game Patches [PUBG MOBILE]

Hi there,

This is only for android users who are rooted super user.For numerous reason you clean flash your device or to install a new custom rom you just need to format your device everyday and you are a PUBG MOBILE player who used to have that game obb file and PUBG MOBILE_0.8.0.apk saved locally to install and play quickly.But you need to download that new sanhok map and also update the game every time you newly install PUBG. So boring …


Just download the attached TWRP flashable patch zip and save it locally.After installing PUBG flash it to avoid downloading both 17MB Core patch and Sanhok.


  1. Core Patch :
  2. Game Patches : &
  3. Map patch :
  4. Cures : 1375135419_47_0.8.1.9350_20180919093452_292350872_cures.ifs
  5.  Size : 101 MB
  6. Compression : Zip Deflate Medium

How To Use

  1. Download and and save the file
  2. Boot into TWRP and click on install > select this zip > slide to flash.
  3.  That’s it, now reboot and enjoy.


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